Фотоловушка охотничья

The Cooking merit badge, which joined the Eagle-required list on Jan.

1 every year since at least 2009 — the first year for which statistics are available.

A whopping 99,908 Scouts earned the Cooking MB last фотоловушка охотничья.

Find the complete list and tons of analysis after the jump.

About the Cooking MBs big leap Now that Cooking is required фотоловушка охотничья Eagle, we can expect to see it near фотоловушка охотничья top of the merit badge leaderboard фотоловушка охотничья some time. A revised Cooking merit badge фотоловушка охотничья and new requirements were released in 2013.

During 2014 (and 2014 only), a Scout could use either the old or the new requirements — his choice.

Either version counts toward Eagle, and it looks like a ton of Scouts decided to go ahead and фотоловушка охотничья Cooking using the old requirements фотоловушка охотничья year.

(By the way, any Scout who begins work on the Cooking merit badge on or фотоловушка охотничья.

1, 2015, must use the new requirements.) Cooking merit badges new spot фотоловушка охотничья the rankings is the big news for фотоловушка охотничья, but it isnt the only noteworthy statistic. Фотоловушка охотничья I got these numbers As with my 2014 analysis of the 2013 data.

these figures come from Local Council Charter Applications.

That фотоловушка охотничья they’re based on the actual number earned, фотоловушка охотничья on sales of the badges.

Some troops purchase extra emblems in anticipation of future badge earnings, so sales numbers can be skewed. 1 to 13 are Eagle-required фотоловушка охотничья badges. These are the merit badges Scouts must earn on their journey to Eagle, so theyll always top the list.

Canoeing фотоловушка охотничья Fishing — are offered at most summer фотоловушка охотничья, giving Scouts a convenient opportunity to earn them while spending a week at camp with their friends. Фотоловушка охотничья arent summer camp staples, and theyre not exactly stereotypical Scouting topics.

To me, these two show how well-rounded most фотоловушка охотничья Scouts are.

The Art merit badge taps into a boys creativity and artistic spirit, while the Chess MB harnesses his фотоловушка охотничья cognitive abilities.

Chess could be the fastest-growing new merit badge.

It debuted in September 2011, and its been in the top 25 every full year since (2012, 2013 and 2014).

There are some merit badges, however, that arent earned as often as the big фотоловушка охотничья.

Scouts who have one (or more) of these merit badges on their sash can feel pretty good knowing theyve done something few other Scouts have done.

Well, consider this: Last year, more Scouts earned the Game Design MB than these 10 merit badges combined. Does your Scout have  фотоловушка охотничья than one of these rare merit badges?

By the way, if youre up for a challenge and are qualified, why not offer to be a merit фотоловушка охотничья counselor for one of these rare merit badges in your district or council?

Movers фотоловушка охотничья shakers Which merit badges saw the biggest jumps?

Which saw the biggest фотоловушка охотничья? Here goes We already discussed Cookings big jump. These often take two or three years to фотоловушка охотничья their footing as more and more Scouts learn about them.

Nice to see these catching on with Scouts so quickly.

111 to 122 (–11) фотоловушка охотничья Cinematography merit badge dropped so much because it no longer exists.

It has been replaced by фотоловушка охотничья Moviemaking merit badge, which debuts at No. Фотоловушка охотничья for the other four, the drops are probably a result of normal merit badge fluctuation.

5 merit badge showdowns Watch as these similar merit badges go head to head.

I guess Scouts фотоловушка охотничья their H2O of the solid variety.

Coin Collecting (87) was collected more than six фотоловушка охотничья more than  Stamp Collecting (134).

Fishing  (22) caught on more than Fly-Fishing (92). Just be patient, фотоловушка охотничья.

Orienteering  (36) found a way past  Geocaching  (37). These two were in a tight race last year, too, with Geocaching coming out ahead. Let фотоловушка охотничья between GPS devices and map and фотоловушка охотничья.

Those marked in orange are new, meaning фотоловушка охотничья debuted in 2010 or later. * On required list фотоловушка охотничья Eagle Rank ** Required for Eagle (must complete Cycling, Hiking or Swimming) *** Required фотоловушка охотничья Eagle (must complete Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving) фотоловушка охотничья Required for Eagle (must complete фотоловушка охотничья Science or Sustainability) Want the complete numbers from 2009 to 2014?

Now you can import the data into your favorite number-crunching software.

Let me know what you discover while playing with the numbers.

Thanks to the BSAs Frank Ramirez and Lynn Adcock for getting these numbers for me.

5 tips for helping Scouts reach Eagle before time runs out Some Life Scouts race against the clock to earn the Eagle Scout award before they turn 18, including a handful who complete their board of review on the eve of their 18th birthday.

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